COMMANDtech offers every minute of every day server checking administrations, having some expertise in observing Small business servers, Terminal servers’ and document and print servers. We utilize our checking devices and programming to quantify key measurements on your business’ basic servers. The product continually checks your system for dangers and triggers off alerts if there is an issue which is then reported straightforwardly to our specialists.

Why Commandtech?

  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • Genuine feelings of serenity knowing we are always checking your frameworks
  • The most recent Microsoft upgrades and administration packs introduced frequently
  • Adequate free circle space is accessible
  • Lessens downtime
  • Programmed Fixes for basic issues
  • Enhances framework accessibility and Key applications remain reliably and expediently accessible
  • Significantly more successful than telephonic bolster counsel and decreases downtime helping your clients make the most extreme utilization of your IT resources
  • Empowers you to concentrate on your Core Business.